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The Western World’s optimism over the “Arab Spring” is fading. It is becoming increasingly clear that Islam, not democracy, will be the winner. And in the effected countries, it is rapidly turning into a “Christian Winter.”

Military response to Islam in Iraq and Afghanistan, has only succeeded in eliminating what Christian influence there was. Under Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi government more or less guaranteed the safety of a “Christian” population that was figured at about one million. Now, about half of these have fled the country as the war allowed Islamic radicals to target them.

Before the uprisings in Egypt, 10 percent of the population claimed Christianity. But with a Muslim majority, the “democratic” elections are building a new government that is Muslim dominated and determined to install Islamic law which forbids all Christian activities.

In Bethlehem this Christmas, tourists were welcomed because of their money, but for a town that was nearly 100% “Christian” just a few decades ago, it now has a Muslim majority. Unfortunately, Bethlehem is not under Israeli control but is part of the Arab “West Bank,” thus explaining the loss of Christian inhabitants.

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